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Book source: The Boni Maroon Wars in Suriname, Wim Hoogbergen, E.J. Brill, Leiden, 1990. ISBN 90 04 09303 6

Subject: [Mil. History] The Buku Campaigns (part 2)

In early November 1771, a new patrol was sent out to Buku. The patrol was commanded by reserve oficer candidate F.E. Kraft. His mission was to destroy Buku. Kraft and his men left the post 'Devil's Harbor' and folowed the Cassipera creek. He then continued on land in a northern direction. Then after five days in the bush the patrol was surrounded by 70-80 Maroons. Both parties attacked and it was not clear who fired first. The fire fight was so intense that the patrol commander decided to break off the engagement and withdrew while fighting to a military post Vredenburg. The patrol lost in this skirmish 26 slave bearers (dead, missing, wounded), 2 soldiers KIA and suffered 10 wounded soldiers. In the mean time , unaware of the withdrawal of the first patrol, two other patrols were formed to reinforce the first patrol. The patrols were commanded by L.A. Sebulo and von Sebach. However without ever making any contact they returned to base shortly. Sebulo returned as he felt ill and von Sebach could not find his way nor the trail to Buku. In late November 1771 another patrol of 73 soldiers and 81 slave bearers followed a path between the Barbakoeba and Cassipera creek. They marched for six days before spotting some Maroons and then they spotted Fort Buku. A soon a fire fight started that lasted two days and the patrol found itself low on ammunition. To save his men the commander ordered to retreat to base camp. This patrol made it back losing seven soldiers KIA, two missing (who were later executed by the Maroons) and four were wounded. .....

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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