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Subject: [History] The Flag of Suriname

Article: Flag of Suriname

The flag of Suriname was designed by Jacques Herman Pinas. Minister-President H. Aron held a contest, before independence day in 1975, to design a flag. The Azimullah judging committee selected the J.H. Pinas design.

General characteristics. Shape is rectangular with 5 horizontal bars and a 5 pointed star. Colors. The 5 horizontal bars are from top to bottom: green-white-red-white-green.

The color green is made of 9 parts chromatic-green and one part white. The color red is made of 4 parts vermillion red and 6 parts carmine red.

The color yellow is made of 12 parts chromatic yellow and one part white. Symbolism.

Green is a symbol of the fertility of Suriname and its unlimited potential as a country. Green is the symbol of hope for a new Suriname. White is a symbol for justice and freedom.

The white bars represent justice and freedom and connect the green bars, representing fertility, potential and hope with the red bar the symbol for Suriname's deeds. T

his red color was obtained by mixing bright orange (symbol of renewal) with carmine (symbol of love). It symbolizes the never ending urge of a nation to work hard for a renewed citizen and society.

The star is the symbol of unity of the nation. Yellow stands for sacrifice. Unity of the nation will lead one day to a golden future. From the light of the star the nation gets its inspiration, its confidence to be able to manage and be self sufficient. The star guides the citizens to sacrifice and to give its best effort to the nation.


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